Terraria Server and Discord Rules

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0. Terraria ToS and Discord ToS

- Both Terraria ToS and Discord ToS applied when you playing and chatting in Discord. In Terraria Servers, our rules and Terraria ToS applied. In Discord, our rules and Discord ToS applied. We can also issue bans when you break Terraria's or Discord's ToS.

-Everyone is responsible of their account. Appeals like "My account got stolen, my sister griefed" is not valid appeals. Secure your account and make strong passwords.

1. Play fair

- Do not exploit glitches. Instead, report them to server staff.

- A loophole is when you try to find technicalities in the rules so you don't get punished for what you did. If you ever find any loopholes, please report them to a Manager to be fixed. Using loopholes may lead to a warning or permanent ban.

- Honor verbal agreements with other players, as long as the agreement does not violate other stated server rules.

2. Be respectful of one another

- Do not harass or abuse other players in any format.

- Do not use hate speech or discriminatory language towards someones race, religion, gender, orientation/identity, etc.

- Do not use excessive profanity or direct profanity towards other players. Do not swear excessively and do not swear at other players.

- Do not share content inappropriate for children.

- Do not use any offensive language in a disrespectful manner. If you are caught we will mute/ban you depending on how much is used. Even if you delete your message, it will result in a mute. Gay, retarted, the n word or any of the sort are banned.

- Do not discuss politics or other socially inflammatory topics in general chat.

- If you decide that you want to misbehave or stir up drama, the staff team can decide to mute you. If you continuously misbehave, you could get banned.

- Any reactions/emojis showing the use of the middle finger will result in a warn.

- No roleplaying of any kind outside of rpg chat, if you are seen roleplaying in game or in any other chat you will be muted

- Stay on topic and use the texts channel as they are intended. If you find yourself in a conversation that is not about the channel's specific purpose, move to the correct text channel. Speak English in all main channels. Any bot commands in other channels will be removed and you will be told to go to #use-commands. #general for stuff about the server and #off-topic for anything else.

- Do not dox (reveal or share private/personal information about others).

- Impersonating the developers, staff members, or other community members is only okay with permission from the original user. If/When they say stop, do so immediately. This includes usernames, profile pictures, and nicknames.

- If you are found to have a negative impact on the community, we can remove you at our discretion.

3 . Use chat appropriately

- DM advertising is against Discord's Terms of Services. Advertising for a discord server, application, product, etc. without permission is not allowed. DM advertising will lead to a ban.

- Do not spam chat. You are allowed to type fast, but flooding the chat with images, gibberish, emotes, or spam emoji reactions to sentences will result in a mute and/or warn. Abuse of spoiler text formatting is forbidden. This includes talking about NSFW, and using it without specific reasons. You are only allowed to spam at #spam channel.

- Do not use excessive caps.

- Do not have inappropriate usernames or nicknames, and make your name pingable.

- Use English in all chats.

- Do not use any disrespectful words in any manner. You will be punished if we consider it "disrespectful". Using gay, retarted or any of the sort in a disrespectful matter will result in a mute/ban.

- Players may not use server-controlled communication channels to offer exchanges involving money, goods, and services outside the server.

- Don't beg for any kind of roles, since you can earn most roles. Also, do not beg someone to buy you something, this could be for example, Nitro on Discord, or something in this server. Doing it through DMs also isn't allowed.

- Links of any kind are not allowed without permissions. If you post them anyways, they will be removed automatically, and you may be punished. Ask an online Moderator+ first in DMs. With permission, you can post it once every 3 hours in the channel which the staff member specified for the next 12 hours. Pinging offline staff members so your link isn't deleted will result in the link being deleted and a warn.

- Don't ping roles just to be annoying or just because you can. This counts for every role. Either ping them with a valid reason, or do not ping them at all. Spam pinging or mass pinging will result in an ban, without any excuses being accepted. If you need someone with a specific role, ping someone that is online. For example, if you need a Jr. Moderator and two or more are online, ping one of them.

- Only ping staff members if they allow it in their name, or in the event of an emergency.

If there is a problem you want to discuss, message one Moderator. If the conversation is going down south and someone asks you to stop, stop the conversation. There is no need for a staff member to make you stop the conversation if you caused it yourself. Use common sense.

- If you see that someone else is acting up, ping ONE staff member. However, if you feel that a staff member is acting up, send a screenshot via DM to a Manager.

- Do not ping roles for unnecessary reason.

- Asking a Moderator, or higher to look at your application will result in an instant denial.

- This server is a happy place. If you are depressed, we prefer for you take it to DMs and not openly talk about it in the server. This includes showing it in usernames. Names or chats such as "I'm so Depressed", "Trash", "I'm Ugly lmao", etc. will not be allowed.

- If you try to blackmail any of the members here or the staff team, you will get a warn. If it is severe, it might result in an immediate ban. Threatening to hack or DDoS the server will result in a ban as well.

4. Listen to staff

- In cases where these rules are unclear or incomplete, defer to staff judgement.

Remember, being in this server is a privilege, not a right. If you can't add positivity to this place, you are not welcome here.

The staff team's purpose of the server is to keep it a happy place for everyone, therefore, staff will have the right to stop any argument that is going too far. We are not trying to suppress your point of view, but merely trying to keep the server a happy place! With these rules, we hope that we can work together to achieve a vibrant and flourishing community.

5. In-Game Rules (This section is valid only in Servers)

- Do not summon (or teleport) Enraged Skeletron Prime or Skeletron at Spawn


- Do not abuse any known or unknown glitches.

- Do not use any modded client or modded character.

- Do not violate Terraria ToS

- Do not impersonate Mods,Admins,Owner. Real Mods,Admins,Owner have prefixes like [OWNER]EMREOYUN.

6. Network Rules (Only technical abuses)

- Do not attack any of our services(including websites, databases and servers). We will track your IP and start the judicial(or legal) process.

Everyone that in Discord Server and Terraria Server will be deemed to have accepted.

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